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  • Good day all..

    Sorry to hear about all the bad service u had from MS it's very sad how they treat their loyal customers,Like all of you I also got VERY BAD SERVICE from them and i am looking foward to taking the metter further with my attorneys...

    This is what happened to me..

    Firstly I'd like to say i love MS with all of me but now i think i will go to the other side...I had my xbox 360 arcade from 2008 wich it was working like a charm connected to xbox live with my gamertag and had dozens of games loaded on I mean arcade games which i bought with my own credit card.Had no problems with it until it got struck by lightning causing RROD,I manage to get a replacement console from MS transfered all my licenses no prob with an assistance from Ms Support, however this console worked proper for about a year and started to do some crazy stuff.

    1,It started to freez while i was playing games

    2,It didn't want to show any longer in 1080p then went down to 720p until all resolutions didn't wanna display properly.

    Before all this happened let me state that i was disconnected from live for almost a year without logging in to xbl.Wasn't using the Live email account for personal mails...

    Now that i have this problem with the display i decided u knw i love MS so much i am going to take my HARD EARNED cash en ama go buy myself a slick slim console once and for all.

    Went to a reatail store and got myself a brand new slim xbox console...

    Now this is where the fun beggins,To recover my GAMERTAG yep right My Own GAMER Profile...

    See since i spend couple of months with the account inactive I assume it was  blocked or closed or reserved i really don't know,All i know is when i wanted to recover it to my new console i couldn't cause it didn't exept my logging email address and password...

    Tried Number of ways to recover it or to reset it, from going to the website and feeling up the forms which i was unsuccesful...so i decided to call the support spoke to couple of agents which they asked me all sorts of security questions,menage to answer a bunch of them...also asking what my last console ID which i also provided to prove i was the rightfull owner...Couldn't answer questions like What was the last 4 digits of your Live gold membership redeem code,DUH How the hell must i remember that BS en what was the email address i send to..DUH i wasn't using the live account to send emails.I had another personal mail i was using for that.But i was ablr to provide my ID Number,My Residential addresses..last digits on my credit card..and any other stuff the kept throwing at me...

    James from the support was happy with the info which he said to me that within 5 working day's I will receive a mail with a link to reset my password and reactivate my account,Now 4days down the line i get en email saying they cant help me recover the account and i should open a new one yadayadayada...the rest u can imagine..

    Now i am looking to sue this ppl en throw my slim out the window or sell it then cross over to the other side as MS has failed a valued customer..

    Thanks for reading  

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