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  • Hello.

    By mistake I configured this record to use port 5061(when I installed OCS Front End), later I read the edge deployment guide, and the guide states that this SRV record actually should use port 443. BUT when i manually configure my communicator to use port 443 it fail to connect.

    Which port have you guys specified in the external _sip._tls.domain record? For me it works fine with 5061, but not with 443...

    Tuesday, November 13, 2007 6:08 PM

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  • When you use manual configuration on the client it will not perform any SRV record lookups.


    First off, can you telnet to port 443 on your Edge Access server from any external client? You need to verify that traffic is allowed to TCP 443 in the same way that you are currently connecting via TCP 5061.


    Also, when you manually configure the client are you selecting TCP or TLS?


    Tuesday, November 13, 2007 6:32 PM
  • I know it will not use the SRV when i manually configure the client, I tried to manually configure the client to check if it would work to connect to port 443. ( Because of the TTL on the external DNS records I tried it manually instead). I have already tried telnet, and it works.

    I tried both TCP and TLS. But it should be TLS, right? I immediatly get a message that says the server is unavailable, so I ruled out certificate errors.

    I am running Access, web conference and A/V edge on the same server, and if I look at the properties on the edge, then "edge interfacee" i see that under "access edge server" port 5061 is listed as "remote access external" and that port 443 is "External ip/port" for the "A/V Edge server". I dont believe I have changed any of these settings, but changing this to 443 will enable me to connect.  (But when ppl run "remote access external" on port 443, which port do they use for A/V then?). I would really like to see a print screen of "edge interfaces" from someone that runs access, web and a/v on the same server. Wink

    Also, the "configure server" recommended to run web conference on port 444, I wonder if that will work. (When I get to the point where I will test it)

    BTW: Sorry for posting  questions before I have tested some more, I realised that changing the "remote access external" port would let me deside which port external users should connect to. I was confused by the fact that I didnt believe i had changed it, and that the guide says that 443 is default....

    Anyone else that is trying to run access, web conference and A/V on the same server?

    Tuesday, November 13, 2007 10:24 PM