Windows Home Server 2008 now believes it is three things. RRS feed

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  • We are a Microsoft Certified competency partner.

    We run a Windows Home Server 2008, with every patch possible and have kept up to date on everything we can. We utilize it for customers to play, or download videos and product demos from our Office 365 site so there are no speed or size issues on our Office 365 SharePoint site, before that size limits on BPOS.

    The system has work great for over 2 years. there are a couple of add-in i.e. My Movies so we can maintain version control, a customized dashboard so that we can update user videos from visual studio 2010 and Disk Perfect it used to be 2009 un till the 14th of this month.

    Then a lot of changes started to accrue almost nightly until the system is almost useless today.

    1. DiskPerfect sent out an Automatic update, which we don't have the server set for, because of to many issue in the past with windows Home server.

    2. Then the system started to accept all kinds of windows 2011 updates and automatic restarts on a server 2003 base with a fancy WHS cover on it.

    3. The Server started accepting all the Microsoft Windows server 2003 small business server updates

    Over the course of the past 10 days and with ever attempt to stop the automatic updates at night, except for shutting the system off. The System now truly believes that it is part WHS V 1, Part WHS 2011 and part windows small business server 2003.

    Technical support, Breakfix support and MSDN Support; through our partner account tells us that is impossible. Then they receive the log reports each department requests (that all request the except same log files) and we can no longer get any feedback.

    Then we cannot retrieve the SRX number online, next when we call we get transferred from SBS 2003 to WHS to SBS 2011 to WHS2011. Lastly we are told to call Disk perfect, three times in a row, three different days, never the same agent, this has gone in a BIG circle through my IT department.

    I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem or knows what department or 800 number to call to get some real resolution to this issue.

    I can't afford the continued internal waste of time. Our IT persons are supposed to be helping customers; we could not get away with this for a day. I could not imagine the calls I would receive after three.

    But being a Partner does have benefits, I get to list to our IT guys get transferred around Microsoft a lot, that fun. The money we pay to be a partner is almost worth that alone.



    **Follow up, the first response I received to my original post in the forums was.... wait for it....

    "Thank you for visiting the Microsoft Answers site. The issue you posted is related to Windows Server 2008 and would be better suited in the Windows Server TechCenter community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will offer the support you request:"

    You got it another transfer to another department that we haven't been directed to yet. We never mentioned anything about server 2008, neither did any of the log reports, SRX numbers, e-mail or previous post.

    Does anyone have an idea before I spend a good 10 person days’ worth of work rebuilding a WHS box, with all the IT persons pushing to go to WHS2011? I am desperately trying to avoid that.

    Michael S. Mosher President and CEO MainStreet Services, LLC President and CEO VueNova Technologies, LLC
    Sunday, August 28, 2011 5:01 AM