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    I'd like to create little system for mobile phones which can recognize speech. There are two ways to do it, first is to have speech recognition on mobile phone (however I've got difficulties with using PocketSphinx, if you'd like me to, I can explain what exactly), the other is to have speech recognition on server and just have mobile phone connecting to that server with the use of Skype. The communication between devices and applications would be as follows: Skype on mobile phone calls Skype on server -> Skype on server redirects the speech (with the use of server application) to speech recognition engine Sphinx4 -> Sphinx4 recognizes the speech and answers to Skype (do I need to do it through the server application?). Recently I've been working on creating acoustic model for Sphinx4.

    I have already found some good code which I can use in my application: . However I don't have the experience in writing server applications. (I've got some experience in C++, Free Pascal and Visual Basic but I'm rather newbie in C#). Can you suggest me how to begin with writing this server application? I would appreciate it if you can give me some useful materials to read, tutorials or advices.

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