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  • Hi all experts,

    I am trying to make a blindtransfer from speech server, but i am not able to.
    so here is my situation. i am using xlite to call the speech server, and i can listen to speech server and talk to it. however, when i get to the state where i need to transfer a call, i try to put a phone number in the calledparty,  what i get is it called back to softphone, which is xlite. so xlite receive a call from itself because the call i receive is the phonenumber that i put in calledparty, and the address that xlite machine is, (also i add this address as the sip peer trusted in administrator cosole). and then the port number. so basically, it showed up in xlite screen is :
      sip:calledpartynumber@sippeeraddressStick out tongueortnumber

    there is a suggestion that i don't have a gateway in between the server and the PSTN. so i am not able to call out. however, i can make a call from xlite to the server. and i can make a call from xlite. i am using Gizmo as a provider for my xlite.
    so the uri that i call my server is : sip:4444@serveraddress:5060;transport=tcp

    anyone has any idea, or any suggestion how i can make a transfer call from server. or how i should set up the sip peer with the PSTN, or how i can find a service that do it for me. basically, i just want to be able to make a call from speech server.

    i want to thanks in advance.

    Friday, May 25, 2007 1:13 AM


  • As you have noticed, when you specify just a phone number SpeechServer builds the SipUri using the address of the SipPeer from which the incoming call arrived.  If you need it to go to some other SipUri, you need to specify the full SipUri as the called party.


    For a blind transfer, SpeechServer will send this SipUri in a REFER to the incoming SipPeer.  Whether this will work depends on whether Xlite supports that.


    Thursday, June 7, 2007 10:28 AM