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  • Greetings,

    I've recently taken up the task of syncing a compact database to a large server and have been having a few difficulties getting it to do what I want, or finding any decent documentation on the subject. I could really use any help/insight you have to offer.

    Here's what I am trying to accomplish:

    • I have a large SQL Server 2008 database I want to update.
    • I have a mobile device which will be used out and about with it's own local compact database. It shouldn't ever be loaded with the main servers data.
    • The compact database will only have 3 of the columns of the larger database (which has over 60).
    • Entries will actually be physically "inserted" into the compact database. This is so copies of the small .sdf's can be kept that can be reviewed and restored as needed.
    • The compact database filled with it's own entries will then be read over the WCF service and update the rows in the main db.
    • No inserts should be performed from the compact to the main db, only updates. If a column's pk doesn't match any in the main database it should just be ignored.

    So basically just a compact database filled will entries that should be read through and applied to the main database. Simple enough for a desktop application, but trying to do this mobile is getting to be quite the headache. If there is an alternative to a WCF I'm all ears, but it's the only thing I've been able to find that would give me that mobility over the web. I was able to get it sort of working, had it configured to upload only and it would sync, but the compact had to have all of the columns of the main database and it couldn't be altered once tracking was enabled (No DDL actions after or something like that).


    John W.

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  • when you provision which table to sync, you have the option to only specify the columns you want to sync.
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