My hotmail is blocked, and NOTHING i do gets it back!!!!! Help me!!!!1 RRS feed

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  • I have answered 30 question tickets to get my password reset, tried to send it to another email, which also got hacked, and the services my account has used has been changed. Literally, its so obvious, changed language, spam being sent out and now its completely locked me out. I have had my account for like 10 years!!!! please PLEASE help me get it back. i NEED IT. its so important that i have it, its costing me a LOT of money the fact that it wont give me my account back when im clearly the owner.
     on top of this, there is literally no way to contact microsoft, and the fourms need everything i said to participate. THE ONLY WAY IM GETTING MY ACCOUNT BACK IS IF MICROSOFT PHYSICALLY GOES AND MAKES ME EMAIL RIGHT AGIAIN, NOTHING WORKS, I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING!!!!!!
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    Saturday, May 4, 2013 2:34 PM