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  • While attempting to set up WHS, I keep getting an error.  I've changed DVD drives, hard drives and RAM.  The system is a reworked Gateway P4 2.4ghz machine, with 1gb RAM, etc.  It easily meets the requirements for install.

    I start the setup, it goes through the routine of telling me it'll wipe the drives, does the Collecting Information part, moves on to Dynamic Update, on to Preparing Installation, showing that it's copying files, drops into Installing Windows,  then flashes to what I'm assuming is the standard Windows tick screen (I assume, because it flashes by too quickly), only to pop up a screen giving me the error:

    "The Setup script file does not contain a valid Product ID.  Contact your system administrator for a valid Product ID."

    If I click on OK, it tells me:

    "Windows Home Server Setup is in progress.  No additional user input is required at this time.  Setup is locked to avoid accidental input that could cause setup to fail.  Would you like to interrupt setup?"

    If I answer No, I'm back to the script file warning.  If I answer Yes, it brings up an installation key screen, but when I input the same key, the one MS provided (blue label), it tells me it's an invalid product key, please input a valid key.

    I'm stuck in this silly loop.  After well over a dozen attempts, trying different configurations, I decided to see if any of you could help.  MSKB searches have given me nothing.  Same for Google, Live, Yahoo, etc...

    Sunday, November 23, 2008 8:49 PM


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