Stop SEXUAL TRAFFICKING on Microsoft Patents ABUSE in 2013 RRS feed

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  • The Streets and Trips 2013 with GPS locator does not work; I had the old version of 2008 and the Microsoft updates prevented it from run with GPS antenna. It had the message to install the new version to upgrade with 70 dollars fee. I did upgrade but the old version begins to work and the new one refuse to locate the GPS devise;

    I MUST KNOW FOR WHAT HECK I DONATE FOR AERO_SPACE SPY SYSTEM MY LOW INCOME MONEYTO FEED THE PARASITES OF THE COPYRIGHTS AND TO CUT MY FOOD STAMPS MONEY, IF THE PROGRAM DEVELOPERS are stealing the money for the same crap??? I want no updates and I want no problems with ENCRYPTION VIRUSES; I see the SEXUAL TRAFFICKING ABUSE from Amrican government officers who supplied the Moscow Central Commettee for Communists Party with their exclusive services of the counter intelligence program developings. I want nobody interfere into my private life, i want be free to drive whenever I want, i want they stop collecting money from customers to support their DOMESTIC SPY abuse. Nobody need your control on the computers nicrochips and on the program corrections; i want the Internet hackers stop making the problems for Microsoft Patents maintenance because they scary to lose their milken machine on  the world wide money collections from people who bought the computers. That "outlaw" must be investigated and resolved. The principle "NOBODY ABOVE THE LAW" does not mean that the police program developers hack everybody because they are the law representative; they are the executive power and they should not abuse with the domestic spy. How as a CUSTOMER, I should not care about the Microsoft PATENTS maintenance and for their problems of the encryption virses. I should install the program and it should run from the prompt without any detentions,- If how a customer I spent even 5 extra minutes to fix the Staples police needs, I have the violation of the agreemnet about me and the company who sold the program. The program MUST WORK WITHOUT ANY TUNINGS AT ALL!!!!

    I want the Microsoft corporation police officers stop the Sexual Trafficking and their Russian Language Radio-Hypnosis and their additional program developings which allow them abuse and through the customers money for the Microsoft Police Officers salaries on their copyright; NOBODY WANT VIOLATE THEIR COPYRIGHT, and If something happened at all - the people who provide the problems all the time, MUST stop those their own problems on the customers.

    I came to store, I paid money for the program. I made the customers agreement with the company on their program use. I want it will work on my prompt. But it does not work. And I spent time to reinstall-install, but it DOES NOT WORK??? WHY??? Because the Microsoft officers have teir salaries on the counter intelligence///??? I want they stop have their salaries on the counter intelligence. I want the program work at the time I open it and have the idea to use it.

    Without limits grew their imprudents to harass people because the law does not exists, so, the Staples police set the radio-hypnosis of the Radio-Communications to harass the people without ant reason. You are HAMS!!!! You must stop do that!!! it is the thieves way to harass the people and sell them for the criminal society because the Staples police are the "switch" on the software sales. If the LAW does not exists but the problem still exists, the law must be developed and it should be stipulated. If the police officers see the gape in the law, he must report it to the law making system. You MUST STOP ABUSE ON YOUR MONEY COLLECTINGS FROM THE CUSTOMERS.

    You must FIX it up your program. And I must not beg you. It must work by itself without any questions. 

    Monday, January 7, 2013 3:31 PM