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  • When I encounter a lack of knowledge concerning VS and .NET on my part, I turn to MSDM forums.

    I have asked a few questions.

    However, some of the responses are not proper, are inconsiderate or irrelevant.
    For example, I once asked a question on the usage of System.Windows.Form.Cursor.
    Someone responded with "that is not a cursor".

    I think expressing your personal opinions in the face of someone's desperate need for an answer is not helpful.

    If someone posts a subject and posted it as a question rather than a discussion, you should only respond to that question
    - if you are also similarly puzzled and have more to add to the question
    - if you have a helpful answer
    - if you have an alternate way to doing it

    How frequent and what possibility are there responders who responds to as many questions as possible simply to get their rating up? Is there any material benefit, besides emotional satiation, to increase your "number of questions answered"?
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  • You raise some very good points. No one that comes there seeking help should be demeaned or berated. Those that must stoop so low in order to make themselves fell 'higher' are actually very small minded indeed.

    Unfortunately, we can't control folks demeanor and manners of interaction. However, when specific 'complaints' are brought to our attention, we will attempt to help the 'less polished' responder understand that there are better and more professional ways of communicating.
    You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.
    Sunday, July 20, 2008 4:57 AM
  • I believe the thread in question is this one. Where nobugz was explaining the Z-order of controls and the cursor. Granted he said, "This is no cursor in any possible interpretation of word." He wasn't implying that it is not really a cursor, but merely explaining why he felt that it would be difficult to classify it in that way. Overall, I think he was trying to assist you with your problem, but perhaps it was conveyed in a way where it was interpreted incorrectly.

    After reading through the forum topic several times, I never got the feeling that someone was posting just to get their rating up or just posting personal opinion alone. Every response seemed helpful in it's own way (or asked a question for clarification). I even read your other postings to see if there were anything that met the criteria of being non-helpful or personal opinion. The only non-helpful replies I found where people claiming to have the same issue and wanted help with you.

    Again, I'm sorry if you've felt like nobody is helping/assisting you and people are going out of their way to just post in your threads. However, Arnie said it best, they can't control people's attitudes and mannerisms. But if someone isn't being helpful or providing constructive feedback bring it to their attention so that the individual will know. They don't know they are offending or upsetting you without you letting them know. Naturally, if that doesn't resolve the issue (or provide clarity) then I would suggest raising the issue up to MVP/MSFT personell for them to mediate the situation.

    Tuesday, July 22, 2008 3:07 PM