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  • Hi All,

    Relative newby here (I'm a voice guy) and was really hoping I could get some help from some of you lovely people.

    I am working on voice recording for the Skype For Business platform and as part of this we are trying to work on a way to automate testing for new users.  Now I have been using the "Test-CsPstnOutboundCall" cmdlet.

    This works really nicely as we can specify the user we want to test and then place the call to a number of our choosing but the issue we have is that as soon as the call is answered by the far end the system then automatically hangs up the call before we get a chance to shout down the line to say "this is a test call"  When we look on the VR system we see a 2 second call with a short audio burst but nothing else.


    If possible we copy the code out from the current cmdlet and insert one or two extra parts to tailor this to our solution.  I have seen people mention using powershell proxy's but as I said I am a relative newb to powershell and have taking this upon myself to try and get it working.

    I either want to

    1. Insert a small .wav file that will play once the call is connected then the call will hang up on this completion.

    2. Insert a 5 second Start-Sleep command before the command that tells the call to hang up which would allow us to complete a shoutdown.

    Does anyone have any idea on whether or not either of the below would be possible.  I have attached the verbose output from us running the cmdlet in it's current state.  You can see in italics where I would like to insert points 1 or 2 from above.

    Really appreciate any help you could give and thanks in advance

    VERBOSE: Reading Registrar port from topology process started.

    VERBOSE: Reading Registrar port '5061' from topology process successfully finished.

    VERBOSE: Workflow Instance Id '9c509b53-ddb0-42a4-bbc0-482678f9198e', started.

    VERBOSE: Command line executed is 'Test-CsPstnOutboundCall -TargetFqdn sfbukp01.uk.zzzuat.com -UserSipAddress

    sip:test.user88@zzzuat.com -TargetPstnPhoneNumber "+447984424288 -verbose'.

    Target Fqdn   : sfbukp01.uk.zzzuat.com

    Result        : Success

    Latency       : 00:00:14.7499943

    Error Message :

    Diagnosis     :

    VERB OSE: Workflow 'Microsoft.Rtc.SyntheticTransactions.Workflows.STOcsPSTNWorkflow' started.

    Workflow 'Microsoft.Rtc.SyntheticTransactions.Workflows.STOcsPSTNWorkflow' completed in '4.63E-05' seconds.

    Workflow 'Microsoft.Rtc.SyntheticTransactions.Workflows.STOcsPSTNWorkflow', succeeded.

    'RegisterActivity2' sequence activity started.

    'RegisterActivity2' sequence activity completed in '2.89E-05' seconds.

    'Register' activity started.

    Sending Registration request:

        Target Fqdn      = sfbukp01.uk.zzzuat.com

       User Sip Address = sip:test.user88@zzzuat.com

       Registrar Port = 5061.

    Authentication Type 'Trusted' is selected.

    Registration Request hit against Unknown.

    'Register' activity completed in '0.1829063' seconds.

    'InviteOcsPSTN' activity started.

    Establishing Audio Video Call to 'sip:+447984424288@zzzuat.com;user=phone'.

    Audio Video Flow is now Established.

    Audio Video Call to PSTN Number is now Established.

    (1)(New-Object Media.SoundPlayer "D:\NICE\VR_Test.wav").PlaySync()

    (2) Strt-sleep s 5

    'InviteOcsPSTN' activity completed in '14.5664689' seconds.

    'SendDTMF' activity started.

    Sender sent DTMF Tones for '#777'.

    'SendDTMF' activity completed in '0.0006191' seconds.

    'UnRegister' activity started.

    'UnRegister' activity completed in '0.0955659' seconds.

    VERBOSE: Workflow Instance ID '9c509b53-ddb0-42a4-bbc0-482678f9198e' completed.

    VERBOSE: Workflow run-time (sec): 14.9900727.

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  • Heya,

    unless lync server provides a way to modify the cmdlets itself, you are out of luck - the cmdlets don't provide for the modification you want client-side.


    There's no place like

    Wednesday, August 9, 2017 11:26 AM