CRM 2011 IFD SharePoint Integration - Documents iFrame Refresh RRS feed

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  • So prior to deploying CRM 2011 with IFD, we had deployed SharePoint 2010.  Our SharePoint web applications are configured for Claims based authentication but only use NTLM today for authentication.  We have SharePoint published via TMG which uses NTLM for authentication from the internet.

    We deployed CRM 2011 and have configured IFD.  When our users are external, the hit CRM and are prompted to authenticate via ADFS/Claims based authentication and all works well.  When they go to a CRM entity, such as accounts, that is setup to use SharePoint for the document management, and click on Documents, the TMG login page shows up in the iFrame.  I totally understand this why this is happening, and until we are able to publish SharePoint externally via ADFS this will continue to happen. 

    My question is that if the users enter their credentials in the TMG window, the entire SharePoint page will be rendered in the iFrame.  If you then refresh your browser, the iFrame changes to what you would normally see for document management in CRM if you were internally accessing the system.  While we don't like the users having to re-authenticate in TMG right now, we understand this will need to happen, but is there a way to eliminate that first rendering of the complete SharePoint page in the iFrame so that it doesn't confuse our users?

    I can post screenshots if that will help.



    Kenneth Clebak

    Thursday, September 26, 2013 11:35 AM