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  • The final step has been taken, AutoExit 2009 is nearly finished.

    I have released a new version which has 1 major new feature: multilingual.
    The new version now supports: French, German & Japanese. (Spanish is partially in, but I still need some people to help translate)
    The Setup has been made smaller and packaged as a zip file instead of 1 installer.

    Other new features (that were already available in the Beta) are:
    - Wake On Lan all clients.
    - Send a message to all connected clients.
    - Warn users when the server is going down.
    - Support for Windows 7.
    - Possibility to the Wake On Lan port to send to.
    - Possibility to enable easy logging on the client side.
    - Mac-address of the server is retrieved when opening the diagnostic dialog and the Mac field being empty.
    - When downloading an update, it is automatically saved to the 'Server\Software' or 'Server\Logiciel' folder, if none of these exist the browse directory dialog is shown.
    - Fix: On some machines the actions did not work and an error 998 was displayed, this has been fixed.
    - Fix: Fixed issue that settings in Vista/Windows 7 weren't read correctly and made the AutoWOL Server function not work.
    - Fix: Now when a client comes out of sleep, a WOL packet is sent to the server if enabled.
    - Fix: Small improvement to the update dialog to show the product name.
    - Fix: When using hibernate/sleep, the machine sometimes couldn't be enabled again.
    - Fix: Detects if Remote Desktop is enabled on a Home Edition.
    - And some other minor adjustments.

    You can get it here: http://www.asoft.be

    Have fun!

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009 1:24 PM