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  • I am in need of a solution for some issues at home and I am wondering if Home Server will solve them.  I have iTunes installed on my home PC to manage all of my music and sync it to my iPods and Adobe Photoshop Elements installed to manage all of my pictures.  This has been great for the last several years but now my wife is taking more of an interest in accessing our music and pictures and also uploading our digital camera from her own computer.  She doesn't really want to have to use my computer to do this stuff (and I honestly don't want her touching my machine either ha ha) so she's getting frustrated with the fact that she has to rely on me for this stuff.  

    If I were to get a Windows Home server and store all of our pictures and music and other shared data on it, would I still be able to sync my iPods from my computer with iTunes and also manage all of my tags and stuff with Photoshop Elements or would I be forced to use Windows Media Player and Windows Picture Management software?  I have invested a huge amount of time organizing our pics into albums and tagging them so I am a bit hesitant to move to a different product.  Also, I'm pretty sure that I have to use iTunes in order to sync my iPods.

    Does this make sense?  Does WHS sound like a good solution?  If not, can anyone recommend an alternate solution? 

    I appreciate any info you can provide?
    Monday, December 28, 2009 3:32 PM

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  • This isn't really the place to ask detailed questions about iTunes, but yes, you need to use iTunes to sync an iPod. :) And no, you really shouldn't store your iTunes library on a network share, particularly if your plan is for everyone's iTunes installation to access it (this is known to corrupt some iTunes library files, and is not an issue unique to Windows Home Server).

    That said, you could certainly put a copy of your iTunes library on your server, and use software to stream that library to your PCs' iTunes installations (this works much like a remote library in iTunes now). Depending on whether you build or buy your server, you might have to find software for the purpose; in that case I would (cautiously; it hasn't been updated in some time, though there's still interest) recommend Firefly. This is the streaming iTunes server that was built into the HP MediaSmart EX47x line of servers, for example.

    As for Elements, do a search or three here in the forums regarding compatibility. The thing I would be most concerned with, though, is that there may be performance issues operating over a network. I know there are some with Lightroom...

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    Monday, December 28, 2009 3:47 PM