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  • Hi all,

    I have been charged with the finalising the deployment of CRM 4.0 on premise and I am now at the stage of configuring CRM for outlook and have not had much luck in doing so. I have tried using 3 computers, 2 of which are connected to our domain and the other is only only attached to the LAN. 2 computers are running WIN7 and office 2007 (32bit) and the other is running XP sp3 and office 2007 (32bit). When using the CRM for outlook configuration wizard I select the "MY Company" option and enter the internal/eternal address (both are the same, http://crm.Domain.com.au). I can access the CRM fine internally and externally using IE, however when entering this address into the configuration wizard I receive the following two errors.


    The specified Microsoft Dynamics CRM server is not available. Make sure that the URL is correct.  To test the URL, try opening it up in Internet Explorer.

    Error 2

    The request failed with HTTP status 403: forbidden


    Error 2 occurs after I enter the the CRM URL (http://crm.domain.com.au) into the local intranet site listing. --> Internet Options --> Security --> Local Intranet --> Sites. This eliminates the prompt for user credentials, and the CRM will load in IE if the user is logged onto the domain. This has not resolved the issue. I also deactivated the LAN settings --> Internet Options --> Connections --> LAN Settings --> Automatically detect settings, use automatic configuration script, use a proxy server for LAN. Still to avail in getting the CRM configuration wizard to connect. 


    After researching this issue it appears as though many people have had the same problem and I have tried many of the suggested solutions listed without much success. 

    A brief summary of what I have tried thus far (which have not worked) includes -->

    > Altering IE settings as listed above (Error 2 description)

    > Tried configuring CRM for outlook wizard using the Online option

    > Tried using office 2010 (32bit)

    > I have also tried adding the server IP and CRM URL to the Host and LM host directory on the XP machine as if I'm not mistaken the CRM will use the IE settings and thought this may have resolved the issue.


    Brief summary of environment

    . CRM server is residing on our mail server (with the Domain) which is also running exchange 2010

    . CRM SQL database is running on the file server

    >both servers are running Windows Sever 2008 R2

    . CRM server is connecting via port 80 and works fine internally externally using IE.


    Could anyone suggest anything I could try which may resolve this issue.




    Tuesday, June 21, 2011 1:53 AM