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  • I'm considering building a server using the Shuttle K45. I've heard that the stock Intel CPU fans can be loud. Does anyone have any recommendations for an aftermarket cpu fan that will fit and is lower noise than the stock Intel cpu fans

    Sunday, September 7, 2008 1:40 AM


  • I just recently bougth a Shuttle K45 along with a Celeron D 430 and some other parts. 

    The first thing I noticed when I assembled it and started it up was the noise the whole system was producing. Like you said, the Intel cooler was a part of it but I quickly noticed that the majority of the noise was coming from the powersupply. There's a 40mm fan in there that makes much more sound then the Intel cooler and the systemfan combined. That's why I quickly decided to order a picopsu120 with a external adapter, which should be soundless. So be aware that an Intel cooler isn't your biggest concern if you want a quiet K45, atleast not in my case.

    The Intel cooler that came with my Celeron was pretty noticable, but when I combined a Zalman fanmate with the stock cooler, screwing the rpm's down from 1800 to 1200, it became much more quiet.

    Anyway to answer your question, I haven't really seen, or even tried for that matter, other coolers that would fit and do a better job. I did however noticed some advertising about Shuttle's own ICE Genie which should be the best cooler for the barebone, atleast that's what they claim. Unfortunately I haven't found any shop that sells them and I can't find any information about that cooler on Shuttle's own website. Maybe it hasn't come out yet, I don't know, but I am planning on buying it when it's available. 
    There's no guarantee that the ICE Genie is more quiet and cooler but I do think that one fan is better then two separate that I have to use now!

    I hope I could give some valuable information from my experience with the K45. 

    Good luck!
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