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  • Hi there, I've finally wound up here after several days of trawling the web looking for tutorials to get me started on a challenge that has been given to me.

    I am a Senior PHP developer with around 8 years experience on a small team, and our company has recently changed tact to meet demands of a new area of business. This change includes embracing Microsoft development, both web and desktop development. As senior developer, I have been charged with making the leading step. This step is especially daunting as not only am I learning a new language, and a new IDE (we have invested in VS 2010 Pro), but also trying to get my head around Windows development after years of strictly web focus.

    The initial task I have in front of me is to familairize me with the MS way of doing things, and a brief mission statement is as follows:

    "Create a desktop application that links to an existing Access database, and generates reports from the data therein based on date criteria entered in the application. These reports are to include both figures, and visual elements such as graphs".

    Now in my searches, I have found and been through many basic tutorials to build simple applications. I have also worked out how to create data sources from Access, but do little with the data from that point. From these, I have ascertained a couple things:

    1. The project will be a Windows Forms application

    2. C# is my preferred language due to several similarities with PHP

    My biggest issue is not being able to find resources (tutorials/examples) in line with what the project requires, I think largely due to Microsofts rather ambiguous product names makes forming search queries a bit hard.

    I don't expect to find a tutorial exactly alligned with what is required for this simple project. But I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of resources that will help me understand how to interact with Access data, data reporting mechanisms, and how to interact with both in a windows application.

    Any help appreciated.

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010 8:20 PM


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