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  • A new Money user and struggleing to get going. I am in the UK and moving from Quicken 2000 deluxe to Microsoft Money 2005 UK - QFE2 having downloaded it from this site. I am using windows 7 having just upgraded from XP when I hoped Quicken would work but it won't recognise my valid registration number so I need some new software.

    When I import a file only some of the categories move over. How can I get them all the come. I have over  7 years of data and nearly unassigned 700 transactions I am hoping to find a solution otherwise reports are meaningless.

    An example is in Quicken there was was  2 levels Household then food. This did not import with the transaction However, other tranactions with similartwo levels of category e.g. Utilities then gas have correctly imported.

    Suggestions for a possible solution would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Tuesday, July 12, 2016 8:55 AM

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  • If using QIF export from Quicken, you need to export separate meaningfully named files. Then import into Money ALL AT ONCE using Ctrl+<click> to select all of the files to import as new or recovered files. By doing this all at once, Money can recognize transfers between accounts. Investment accounts have two parts including the cash account if you track the cash. I suggest naming the non-cash part to start with an underscore character, such as having _BrownInvestment.qif and BrownInvestmentCash.qif,  which would cause the investment transactions to be processed before the associated cash transactions.

    Since you are starting a new Money file, you could use Money Plus Deluxe Sunset instead of Money 2005 UK. There are some advantages including multiple version backups, and some investment stuff working better.

    The category and subcategory are separated by a colon but no space in the QIF file. If that is not happening in your case, you could manually edit the incoming QIF files. Alternatively, within Money you could use Find & Replace to change the category of transactions that meet certain criteria.

    Keep extra copies or backups of the things you try so that you could undo something that does not work out.

    Tuesday, July 12, 2016 12:53 PM
  • Since you are upgrading anyway, why not go all the way to Windows 10? Would seem to save some time in the future. Both versions of MSMoney Cal mentions work in Windows 10. Just a thought.

    Dr AS

    Tuesday, July 12, 2016 4:43 PM