velidation failed OCS 2007 front-End server RRS feed

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    i have been deployed OCS trail version

    enterprise pool ,front-end server and stenderd edition on single machine and edge server on other computer machine with two interface one is LAN conected other is public or live ip connected when i validate front end server it desplay errors



    Check Global Location Profiles   No WMI Instance Returned By Query : select * from MSFT_SIPLocationProfileData
    Check Global Normalization Rules   No WMI Instance Returned By Query : select * from MSFT_SIPLocalNormalizationRuleData
    Check Global Phone Usages    Warning: One or more phone usages are not assigned to any route or VOIP policy
    [0x43FC200C] Not all checks were successful
    Pool pool2.tradekey.pk   DNS Resolution succeeded:
    TLS connect failed due to incorrect remote subject name: Error Code: 0x80090322 outgoing TLS negotiation failed; HRESULT=-2146893022
    [0xC3FC200D] One or more errors were detected
    Attempting to establish SIP dialog from bahmed@tradekey.pk to sip:bilal_iqbal26@hotmail.com using ocs.tradekey.pk   Maximum hops: 2
    Check two-party IM: Discovered a new SIP server in the path.
    Maximum hops: 3
    Received a failure SIP response: User sip:bilal_iqbal26@hotmail.com @ Server ocs.tradekey.pk
    Received a failure SIP response: [
    SIP/2.0 504 Server time-out
    FROM: "Bilal Ahmed"<sip:bahmed@tradekey.pk>;tag=fafefed90273f8234a;epid=epid01
    TO: <sip:bilal_iqbal26@hotmail.com>;tag=5E24FAD73F1A116FBB24862414625A27
    CALL-ID: baf451edc26243a0b816335787582480
    VIA: SIP/2.0/TLS;branch=z9hG4bK42c18a8a;ms-received-port=1902;ms-received-cid=3200
    AUTHENTICATION-INFO: NTLM rspauth="010000002E7472610042B1669B4EADD4", srand="43D53BE0", snum="20", opaque="5A964843", qop="auth", targetname="OCS.tradekey.pk", realm="SIP Communications Service"
    ms-edge-proxy-message-trust: ms-source-type=EdgeProxyGenerated;ms-ep-fqdn=mail.tradekey.pk;ms-source-verified-user=verified;ms-source-network=federation
    ms-diagnostics: 1007;reason="Temporarily cannot route";source="chat.tradekey.pk";ErrorType="Connect Attempt Failure";WinsockFailureDescription="The peer actively refused the connection attempt";WinsockFailureCode="274D(WSAECONNREFUSED)";Peer="federation.messenger.msn.com"


    Suggested Resolution: Use the maximum hop count to determine the server that generated this error. For example, if the maximum hop value is 2, then it is likely that this error was generated by a server that is 1 (immediate target) or 2 hops away. Check whether the target user is a valid user and that the target user domain is trusted by the source user's pool. Check the connectivity between the source and target pools.
    Suggested Resolution: Check connectivity between servers. If this is an Edge Server, ensure that it is present in the forest-level Edge Server table.

    your suggesion is bighlly appriciated

    and i dont have been purchased any kind of certificate

    Monday, October 20, 2008 7:06 AM

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