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  • Okay.  If I didn't screw anything up, this may be helpful.  Anyway, here it goes.  

    I own a low end e-machines computer that I bought from Wal-Mart with the Windows Vista OS included.  It was a lil over $500.  It's affordable for me and it serves my purposes.  I've used it for about 3 months now.  No problems except that Vista ran painfully sluggish.  A couple of days ago, I ran across a website that showed how to speed up Vista by disabling services and functions that I didn't need.  So I disabled a couple of services (like Google Desktop and stuff like that) and set a few of them to manual (the website recommended this if you weren't familiar with the functions of the services).  With no noticable difference, the website then showed how to disable some of the visual effects.  And that really made the difference.  I don't really need a lot of fades, transparencies, and things like that.  I want something usable.  And that did it!  

    Okay.  So now I need to use my printer.   First time I tried to use it with this computer (I used to have an e-machines with XP in it).  It didn't work!  Tried reinstalling the drivers from the disk and still didn't work.  Maybe it wasn't compatable, I thought.  Couldn't find a downloadable driver.  So I bought a cheap $25 printer and made sure it said "Vista Compatible", popped in the disk, and let the installation run.  THAT didn't work.  Okay, so I tried going into Control Panel under Printers, looked for my printer, and tried to find the driver that way.  Let that thing go for about 5 minutes or so.  Now after that, I got a little message.  I don't remember the exact words, but basically my computer was accusing me of not using a geniune version of Windows!  There was a button that said click here to resolve or call this 1800 number.  I didn't click it or call anybody because I didn't want to risk paying for Vista again.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I buy a computer at Wal-Mart/CompUSA/Best Buy/etc. and Windows Anyversion is installed in it already, then it's legal and legitimate.  Right?  Well, needless to say I was infuriated and wanted to call Microsoft and yell at them a lot.  But instead, I took some time to read more about Windows Genuine Advantage.  Both here and other sites.  Microsoft has a lot of work to do on this.  Or, IMO, they need to come up with something else.  Okay, that's all I'll say about that.  Back to my problem/solution(?).

    After reading a lot of posts here and elsewhere about WGA and not learning a thing about my specific problem other than this may be a "false positive" (yeah, I didn't post it here...I was pressed for time because I had an important document I needed to have printed out and sent off within the next couple of days), I decided to just do a system restore.  I restored to a few hours before this whole mess started.  It rebooted and did the whole song and dance.  Desktop popped up.  Tried my printer.  It WORKED!  Tried my old printer.  It WORKED!  I still didn't like it being so sluggish, so I reduced my visual effects again.  I actually love working with my computer again. Smile

    Okay now.  Everything is back to normal.  Right?  Everything seems to work as it should now.  Better after I reduced the visual effects and my printer works now.  I just can't seem to get past my computer accusing me of being a thief. Sad  Seriously, do I need to worry about this anymore?  Remember, I didn't click on the "Resolve This" button or call anybody.  Will Vista shut down/reduce functionality because of this?  Or will it even remember.  I wasn't prompted for a product key or anything like that.  I'm perfectly willing to enter the darn thing if it wants me to.  Vista has no reason to be angry now. Smile

    I know this is long, but I wanted to make sure y'all had a clear enough picture of what happened.
    Tuesday, April 17, 2007 9:29 PM


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