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  • I've been using Microsoft money sunset for a while to manage my finances. It has recently stopped allowing me to sign in using my windows live id and password. It is saying that one of them is incorrect. I have double checked that the email and password I am trying to use are correct so believe there may be some problem with ms-money and wondered if anyone else had this problem and had found a solution?
    Sunday, December 17, 2017 12:36 PM

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  • Are you saying you are locked out of your file right now?

    Disconnect from the Internet.  Pull your ethernet cable or turn off
    your modem -- whatever it takes.  Start Money, click below the
    password field to select "I want to sign in to Money directly,
    without access to all online services." then click Next.

    If you still cannot get in, I would restore your newest or second-newest backup file.

    If you get into your file,
    remove your LiveID.  Do not attempt to change your LiveID.  If you
    already changed your LiveID, use the credentials that were in
    effect at the time that you saved that Money file.  To remove the
    Live ID, go to File-PasswordManager, and choose to remove your
    LiveID.  To remove or add a conventional password, also see

    The password is case-sensitive.  If you are not sure of your
    credentials, write down what you remember.  Consider permutations.
    Check your notes.  You will not get into the file without those
    credentials in effect when the file was saved.

    Sunday, December 17, 2017 3:41 PM