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  • I have a Fujitsu Home Server with PP3 installed; the original 500GB C/D drive and two extra 1TB drives, all of them added into the storage array.

    Backups have started to fail with a warning that the system is low on disk space.

    My Computer (from an Remote Desktop connection) shows a 19.5GB C: (with 10GB free) and a 446GB D: with 62GB Free)

    The Server Storage window in the home server console shows all three internal drives with:

    445GB allocated to shared folders

    68GB allocated to duplication

    442GB allocated to backups

    1.3TB allocated to System and

    62GB Free space

    All the figures are sensible except the 1.3TB taken up by System.

    Why is System taking up so much space and how do I fix it?



    Sunday, June 6, 2010 7:35 AM

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  • "System" is a catchall for everything that uses space on a drive that isn't backups, duplication, or shares. It always includes the full size of the system drive (20 GB), anything stored in any application folder other than the backup database, and anything stored outside the shares, but still on a drive that Drive Extender interacts with. On a bare bones server with nothing extra installed, "system" will be 20 GB, pretty much without fail.

    When you start to see a lot of space occupied by "System", it often indicates disk issues, so a good first step would be to run chkdsk on all the drives in your server.

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    Sunday, June 6, 2010 12:52 PM