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  • Vista user and one care user. Had been backing up on an external 250gb wd passport drive. Vista crashed and was able to restore with the backed up files under the "windows one care back up" on the external drive.
    I now want to back up again and one care wants to convert to NTFS format and is not able to convert.
    What do I do? Do I wipe everything from the external drive (which has other things on it as well)??? And then try backing up or reinstall one care??
    Tuesday, June 9, 2009 11:23 AM


  • OneCare requires that the external drive be NTFS only if you are setting up Centralized backup. However, it will recommend NTFS as the file system when configuring any backup. You can ignore that suggestion. NTFS is a better file system for a large drive, though, so you have a few options.
    1. If you no longer need anything that exists on the external drive, you can format the drive from Windows Explorer and select NTFS as the file system
    2. You can try converting the drive to NTFS outside of OneCare. See this article for how: http://www.tech-faq.com/convert-fat32-to-ntfs.shtml
    3. You can run an error check on the external drive from Windows Explorer and upon completion, let OneCare try to convert the format for you.
    4. Leave the drive formatted as is and be sure that you are configuring backup for a single PC and not for all computers (Centralized backup)

    Microsoft MVP Windows Live / Windows Live OneCare & Live Mesh Forum Moderator
    Tuesday, June 9, 2009 1:12 PM