msoobe.exe will not run. Get an error sound with no window whatsoever. RRS feed

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  • This is after doing a repair on an HP Businesss System  Win XP Pro SP3.  I cannot run the spunst.exe from the IE directory because that gives me a DLL error.  Completely stuck.  Must be a solution.  Tried different profiles.  confirmed that IE6 works in safe mode.
    Wednesday, August 25, 2010 11:55 PM


  • I Figured this out after several hours of hard work :

    Windows XP activation Fails to pop up.  Error or blank screen (msoobe.exe not starting or going blank)

    1)      Log in , hit YES to activation and let it fail

    2)      Use REMOTE TASK MANAGER (or another product) from another computer  to remotely start the task – “explorer.exe”

    a.       Desktop will appear

    b.      The background Windows process will shortly kill your Desktop, so

    c.       Start Internet Explorer or “iexplore.exe” as quickly as possible. 

    d.      Hold the mouse down on the Internet Explorer bar so that you are moving it around.  This will somehow prevent the background processes from closing this window

    e.      At this point you have a blank screen and IE running.

    3)      Type in Address bar “C:\”

    4)      Browse to C:\windows\ie7 (or ie8)  directory

    a.       Click the spuninst.exe file  (Hopefully you wont get an error; if you do , then it gets too complicated for this article)

    b.      Now at this point download IE8 install from a website onto either a network share or a thumb drive.

    c.       Run IE8 install and install it; do a minimal install w/o updates.

    5)      Reboot by remotely killing “msoobe.exe” ; Then choosing restart at login prompt.  Or just shut off computer.

    6)      Log in and see if windows activation now comes back up.


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