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  • WLW doesn't support templates. 

    In lieu of templates I'm 'publishing' template 'pages' on my Wordpress blog.  I do not link these into my blog anywhere. The idea is that these are for my use only. I use about a dozen of them for movie review templates, so you think you can dance templates etc.

    Unfortunately, when I do this they turn up in my search results.  For example, I have a 'cut and paste template' for my grand-slam tennis posts that essentially is just a list of all the top players with links to their Wikipedia entries. As I write about various players I cut and paste these into my post.  Here's the page I'm talking about:


    It is not formatted to be viewed properly on my blog. Indeed, I don't want anyone to ever see it.  But, if, for example someone searches my site for "Safin" for posts on Marat Safin,  that cut and paste template shows up in the results as you can see by clicking on the search link below (scroll down a bit):


    It's ugly and NOT what I want at all.


    Wordpress allows you to mark pages as 'private'. Only logged in users with proper credentials can see those posts/pages. I tried marking my templates as private in the WordPress admin panel. That worked in that it removes my templates from searches. BUT, then when I tried to 'Open" private posts/pages in WLW, they don't show up in the list of posts/pages to access/edit - even though WLW has all the login credentials needed to see it.

    My suggestion then, is to add an option in WLW to publish posts or pages as 'private' as is a standard feature of WordPress and then when searching for posts to access/edit, WLW should show the private pages as accessible on the "Open" dialogue.

    Thanks again to the development team for hearing us out and taking our feedback seriously. It's such a rare treat.


    P.S. To clarify, some have suggested I don't publish my templates and just keep them in draft form locally. That would work except that I routinely blog from three different comptures. -I need access to the current version of my templates from all my computers.

    P.P.S. As fun as it is, I am deinstalling the WLW technical build and going back to the prior version for now. The bug that makes the "Open" dialogue take up to several minutes to return available posts/pages each time I want to access a published post is WAY to long for my day to day need to access and regularly update older posts.

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  • Hey,

    Thanks for the suggestion! Sounds like a vote to support templates as well as a suggestion to fix the issues with private posts.

    We'll have the fix for the open post performance issue available in our next beta, sorry about that!

    Charles Teague (MSFT)
    Windows Live Writer
    Sunday, June 29, 2008 2:31 AM