mesh keeps adding an extra folder to my desk top RRS feed

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  • my husband and I are trying to share one folder on both our computers. He is blind so it's important that new stuff doesn't show up and confuse things. Since we started sharing this one folder,its duplicated itself and named the second version of itself documentname001. we both have this duplicate version, buts it not up to date with all the right documents. It seems like when I update something it goes into his 001 file and when he updates on his computer it goes into my 001...so it becomes frustrating not knowing which file to look in for the the most update version of a document..any idea?
    Saturday, February 13, 2010 3:46 PM


  • How have you set this up?
    What operating ssystems are in use on both machines?
    To share a single folder with two machines in the same Mesh, you install Live Mesh on both machines and sign in with the same LiveID on both machines.
    You then select a folder on one machine and, in Windows Explorer, you right click that folder and select "add to Live Mesh." This will cause the folder to become part of the Mesh. It will be created on the Live Desktop at www.mesh.com and will be offered to the 2nd machine - as a light blue folder on the 2nd machine's desktop.
    You would then click the light blue folder on the desktop of the 2nd machine and do one of two things:
    1. Click OK and the folder will become solid blue on the PC dektop and will become the folder where files will sync between the Live Desktop and the other PC. All changes made in any location will be mirrored in all locations - that is both PCs and the Live Desktop.
    2. Click browse to navigate to an existing folder on the 2nd PC and select to merge the offered folder with the existing folder. This will cause the contents of that folder on PC1 and PC2 to merge and replicate to all 3 places  - PC1 and 2 and the Live Desktop.
    You can also choose to not sync with the Live Desktop at all and only between PCs.

    Another option is to sign into Live Mesh with two different LiveIDs. Then after adding a folder to the Mesh on PC1 with one LiveID, which will cause that folder to sync between the Live Desktop and PC1, you can invite another user - the LiveID used on PC2. You can choose to not allow any changes to the files or folder by the invited user. The folder is offered to the User that same way as in scenario 1 and can be made to Sync to the PC desktop or another location on the PC.

    What it sounds like you may have done is added a folder from each PC to the Mesh and accepted that folder on the PC desktop on each PC, but they are not synchronized as you desire. The folder on the desktop of PC1 is the offered folder from PC2 and the folder on the desktop of PC2 is the offered folder from PC1, but the source of each of these folders is another folder on each of the PCs. If that is what happened, change the sync settings for both folders on the Live Desktop at www.mesh.com to not sync with any of the two PCs. The desktop folders will now turn into normal yellow Windows Explorer folders. Delete the folders after moving the files to their desired location on each PC.
    Then on *one* computer only, add the original folder to the Mesh. The light blue folder will appear on the desktop of PC#2.

    Double clicking when it is faded light blue folder, brings you to a windows titled:

    Synchronize folder

    The text at the top of the window says "Synchronize folder with this computer."

    The name cannot be changed/

    The location is the path to your desktop folder.

    Next to this is browse.

    At the bottom of the Window is OK and Cancel.

    OK accepts the default offered location - your desktop.

    If you click OK, it will become a darker blue folder (still light blue) and it is now fixed to your desktop.

    If you click Browse, you can navigate to a folder of your choosing.

    Once you have reached that folder, click OK and accept the warning about merging with an existing folder and potential for conflicts.

    Let me know if that helps.

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    Monday, February 15, 2010 2:29 AM