Rosewill RC-211 Sil3132 - Only recognizing one HDD RRS feed

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  • Anyone used this SATA card in their WHS build?  I bought one to add 2 new 1TB SATA drives.  Installed, hooked up the drives, and loaded the driver, but I am only seeing one of the HDD in the console and under disk management.  It looks like this card does not come with a non-RAID driver.  Digging thru the manual, I find this:

    "Just Bunch of Disks (JBOD)
    The JBOD is a virtual disk that can either be an entire disk drive or a segment of a single disk
    drive. For this card, JBOD function only supports one disk."

    OK, so I've never set up a RAID/JBOD card before (uh, yeah, that's why I built a WHS box, so I don't have to mess with it).  Is that saying that in JBOD mode it will only allow me to hook up one drive, or is that saying that in JBOD mode it will treat all connected drives as a single drive and present it to the OS?  The instruction manual that came with this thing is terrible and in engrish. I haven't hooked up the monitor yet and set the BIOS, so I guess that's my next step.  Should I set this thing up as JBOD?  Will that allow me to discretely add the 2 drives?  Or I might just go buy another SATA card that I know will support a non-RAID driver.

    Any tips or experience from somebody using one of these cards?  Thanks.

    Tuesday, March 31, 2009 10:54 PM