Problems with Live Mesh 2011 RRS feed

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  • Since the update from Foldershare to Live Sync and finaly Live Mesh 2011, more and more problems come which render the earlier superior product almost unusable for me.

    1. Mesh synchronizes folder by default to "my documents", even if the source-folder is on drive E:. The target-folder is only on the target computer selectable, not as earlier at sync.live.de.

    2. the synchronized files always get synced over drive C: (AppData), even if the target is drive E:, which is extreme impractical with huge video files, which are located at drive E: with >500GB free space, but C: has only 20GB left (OS-only-drive). In earlier versions the sync goes to each drive directly via a hidden folder, which worked as expected.

    3. hidden files are left as "to be synchronized". I know, that hidden files could not be synced, but they shouldn't stay as "to-do".

    4. although folders are absolute identical (e. g. music), Live Mesh says there are 10.000 files to be transfered. As always, the transfer goes first to C: (AppData) and then to E: (destination), which is not possible due to the lag of discspace.

    5. MOE.exe uses extrem much CPU time when working, which almost freezes my system. I have to reduce the priority to "under normal" to work somewhat with the computer while syncing.

    As said at the beginning, these problems where not present on Live Sync, which I use since it was FolderShare to sync my systems. Live Mesh rendered to unusable for me.

    Are there any options, settings, regedit-entries, or what ever to get the functionality back again?

    Best regards.

    Monday, October 11, 2010 8:41 PM