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  • My primary hotmail account has been closed for some reason and I have no idea why.  All I do is check email and send out an occasional email.  When I log in to it I get a "It looks like the Terms of Use may have  been violated."

    I have had my primary email account for over 10 years and never done anything other than a few emails and would like to know how I go about getting an actual reply.  I sent in a question last week about random emails that were being sent out from my email account (I found this out because in February I was at Mardi gras with a friend and he received a random email with me standing next to him not even near a computer), which I have reformatted and upgraded my OS and somehow emails still got sent.  Someone must have obtained my pw, I do not download much of anything.  How do I get an actual response instead of my account being closed out?  I sent something into the help system but that does not allow me to fill anything out, just make a selection, which I have not done anything other than basically check my email for a long time.

    This is my alternate email that I have used.

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