Can you clone an OEM computer after Sysprep and redistribute to multiple machines using each computers individual OEM license RRS feed

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  • Our organization recently purchased 10 OEM (Windows XP Pro SP2) computers...each with its own COA and individual OEM product key (not volume license).  Each computer needs to have the same software installed...and the list is long.  Is it possible to install the required software on one computer...do a Sysprep, clone the drive and then redeploy the image to the remaining 9 OEM computers plugging in each computers OEM product key after reboot?  Or will I get an invalid key error?  If this is not possible...we also have volume licenses for 13 computers (Windows XP Pro SP2, Office 2003 Enterprise...etc). The computers have since been wiped clean and disposed of.  We are a non profit organization and the volume licenses were obtained through the Microsoft Software Donation program.  I know I can clone and reimage using volume license media but can I then change the product key back to the OEM keys afterwards...so as not to burn up the currently unused volume licenses?  I hope this makes sense.  Thanks in advance.

    Tuesday, June 3, 2008 11:48 PM


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