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  • Dear All,

    Happy New Year.!

    I have a query regarding the assignment of Security Roles to new users in CRM. Normally we assign the security roles to new users via an Admin user who has 'System Administrator' security role assigned to him/her. This works perfectly fine, and we can assign any desired security role to the new user.

    However, in our case, we need to delegate the user creation rights to some of the client partners. We do not want to give them access to all the Administration functions; hence we created a new Security Role, lets say 'Support User Role'. We have provided 'Create', 'Append', 'Append To', and 'Assign' rights on 'User' entity for this new security role. With this security role, we are able to create new users now, but we are only able to assign 'Agent' security role, not any other security roles.

    For example, if user 'x' has Security Role defined as 'Support User Role'. If 'x' tries to add a new user 'y', then 'x' is only able to assign 'Agent' security role to 'y', but not any other security role. As per business requirement, 'x' should be able to assign some other security roles, including 'Support User Role', to new user 'y'.

    I believe that there is something missing in Security Role configuration, which is causing the above problem. We compared both 'Support User Role' and 'System Administrator' security roles, but not able to figure out which minimum rights we can provide to 'Support User Role' so that users with this security role can only add new users (with any security role), and that they are not having access on any other Administration features as well.

    Appreciate any help that you can provide on the above issue.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    Thursday, January 8, 2015 10:01 AM


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