New XPsp3 instal gives missplaced user acct folders. RRS feed

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  • Hello to all and anyone who can guide me thru this,

    I created one acct., mine, and built my system back up.  Click on Start, then Computer, it shows my documents under my user acct name.  Fine, that works.  But when I go to Local Disc, then Documents and settings,--- my acct name is not there.  Instead, all my stuff is in a folder called "test".  Trying to change that name, gets a pop up -- "test is a Windows system folder and is required for windows to run properly.  It cannot be moved or renamed".  SO what happened?  How could My name appear in one list and not the other?  And why did windows stick my stuff in test?  Sounds like a config problem. 

    Monday, September 28, 2009 3:23 AM

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