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  • BLUF:  I have been trying to connect my Windows 7 computers to my server for a few days with mixed results. Currently the connector software errors stating that I have the router ports 80, 443,  3389, and 4125 forwarded.

    I have tried turning off the firewal on Kapersky Internet Security, and even turning off that sofware completely but it does not seem to be the problem.

    On any machine where I try to run the WHS Connetion Sofware, the install fails and returns the following.

    "An error occurred starting Windows Home Server Connector Setup.  Please run Windows Home Server Connector Setup manually from the Software shared folder on your server."

    This message occurs on any of the 3 machines I am tring to connect.  Here are a few other things I have attemtpted.
    1) I can log into the server from anywhere, internal or external through the http://server.homeserver.com

    Internally, that address goes to the router, but externally it is fine.  Internally, I can go to the 192.168.1.xxx and the server login page appears fine.

    2) I have a machine that can get to his shared folders on the server but his machine is not visible in the "Computers" tab of the Console.  He cannot run the WHSConnector software either.

    3)  I have RDS enabled on all machines.  But on that note, my main client machine is always off line or asleep in the console computer tab even when I know it isw awake and live.

    Basically this machine is nothing but a file server so it does not have to be much other than that.  All I need is LAN and web connectivity.  I am posting this to the forum from the server machine.

    Thanks in advance,


    Saturday, February 13, 2010 9:51 PM

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