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  • I Can't Set Low Risk File Types In Win 7 Home Premium

    Since standard procedure seems to be to ask the user "Why would you want to defeat a feature MS has added to save you from yourself?", I'll answer. There is no reason for me to go through the extra step of giving permission. I don't need to protect myself from a gif or jpg. The odd thing is, I can open a Window's bmp without any hassle. I have searched the registry and have not found the often mentioned "LowRiskFileTypes". How do I manage these? I already have UAC set to "never". I often see mentioned GPedit.msc, but that's not on my computer. I'm having to learn how to registry hack to get Windows 7 back to the functionality of XP. Why did Microsoft take away the ability to control the operating system on our own machines? I've paid the money for Windows 7. Please don't cripple it. I can't go back to XP, and I won't go to Apple. I can't be the only one who feels on edge about this. I feel like Microsoft is making decisions for me. It makes me feel queasy like I'm under someone else's control.
    Wednesday, July 14, 2010 6:53 AM