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  • I can't download anything from Microsoft!

    Where should I ask this question?

    If you were wondering, I can't use Automatic Updates or download ANY updates from microsoft.com.

    There are no viruses, I have tried power-resetting my modem and even tried to reinstall!

    At first I thought it was because it might be something with Bootcamp since this is on a Macbook Pro(yeah, yeah).(BTW Bootcamp is NOT a emulation...it installs Windows on a Intel Mac), so I used my desktop downstairs, and voila, same problem. So I decided to dust up my old dekstop which had Windows XP SP1, and tried once again...failed!

    The specs on my 3 computers:
    MacBook Pro:
    2.53 GHZ Core 2 Duo.
    4 GB of RAM.
    Windows XP SP 2.
    16/8X DVD drive.
    n Vidia 9600m GT 512MB with 9400m GT 256MB as low-power graphics card.
    2.0 MP webcam(I think).
    300GB HDD(100 for Windows and 200 for Mac OS X).

    Current Desktop:
    1.6 Core Duo.
    2 GB of RAM.
    nVidia 9600GT 512MB.
    24/16x DVD drive.
    Windows XP SP2.
    1.3 MP USB webcam.
    500GB HDD.
    ASUS motherboard.
    Standard Microsoft Kerboard and Mouse.

    2003 Desktop:
    2.8 GHZ Pentium 4(Hyperthreading maybe?).
    256MB of RAM.
    128MB ATI 9800XT.
    4x DVD burner Drive.
    8/52x DVD drive/CD Burner.
    Windows XP SP1.
     80GB HDD.
    Standard 2003 Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard.
    2003 Asus Motherboard.


    Any suggestions and help would be useful and thankful for!

    Thanks again!

    Monday, January 26, 2009 6:00 AM


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