WHS as a Centralized RSS store RRS feed

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  • I've been thinking about this ever since I heard of WHS. It was probably already discussed somewhere, but I can't seem to find any discussion of this topic on this forum.

    Say that I have a laptop in the living room, and a desktop PC elsewhere in the house. On my laptop, I subscribe to a bunc of RSS feeds using IE7. On my desktop, I subscribe to the same feeds, because sometimes I'm on the laptop, and sometimes I'm on the desktop. This in itself is unwieldy, because everytime I subscribe to a feed I need to remember that, next time I'm on the other PC, I have to subscribe to that same feed there too.

    Anyway, feed A gets updated. Both my laptop and my desktop now show the feed as 'unread'. I'm on my laptop, so I click the feed and read the new content.

    Later that day, I go to my desktop. Feed A is still marked as 'unread' there because I didn't read the update on that PC yet. However, did I already read that new post earlier in the day on my laptop, or was even newer content added later on? It's impossible to tell.

    Now, if the feeds were stored in a central place that both my laptop and desktop pc use, like WHS, then a feed marked as 'read' on one pc would semi-immediately be marked as read on the other pc to. Problem solved. And when I subscribe to a new feed, that new feed would be stored on WHS, so the feed store on my other pc would automatically show the new feed as well, next time I log on.

    This would also work if you're on the road with your laptop. If you subscribe to a new feed, or mark an existing one as 'read', that update would immediately zip across the internet to your home's IP address, and get processed on WHS.

    Am I missing something that is already possible? Your suggestions?

    Monday, February 26, 2007 10:38 AM