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  • Hi,

    My wife encounters the following strangeness attempting to use only Live Desktop from IE6 and XPSP3. After getting signed on to Live, and to the ring screen, selecting Live Desktop and hitting Connect, she gets "Connecting", sees the desktop screen, followed by a traditional IE Message Box "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site https://www.mesh.com/Web/desktop.aspx. When she hits "OK" in the Message Box she gets a typical "not connected" page. Upon pressing the IE back button, the Desktop works.

    Neither installing the ActiveX control and Silverlight and allowing popups on the mesh website fixes the problem. In addition, its works fine on Firefox from her machines. As a tiebreaker, I tried Live Desktop on and old (not recently updated) IE6 and Windows 2003 Server setup I have. Works fine there too. Neither machine (XP3 or Windows 2003 machine) has the actual full Mesh software installed, both are just trying the access the desktop portion from the web.

    Didn't sound like this was a previously reported problem, so thought I'd write and ask the status of support on IE6/XPSP3 combo. Strange that it works on different browser, same machine.

    Bob Beauchemin
    Monday, February 2, 2009 6:25 AM


  • Hi Bob,

    I never realised how hard it was to find an IE 6 machine! Managed to find one in training and in my case I can't even connect to the Live Desktop (it just sits there "Loading"). From the help system it seems as though IE 6 is supported, so this should probably be bugged on Microsoft Connect, according to the instructions here (I get an error accessing Connect right now, so hopefully that will be sorted soon).

    Regarding the "same machine, different browser", I am assuming that the problem is with IE 6's support for the pretty advanced javascript that the Live Desktop relies on. Regarding the message that "the url cannot be loaded", this is probably a follow on from there - a url is being incorrectly loaded (does it tell you which one it is?) but it isn't a critical one (rather a background request). Going back to the page continues from where it left off, providing you with the Live Desktop.



    Monday, February 2, 2009 6:44 AM