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  • Trying to post a question to the Windows Server 2019 forum and it keeps getting flagged as SPAM.  Not sure what about this is considered SPAM. 

    Title is: Trying to do a system state restore and the 'use the latest available system image' option is greyed out

    Body is:

    I volunteer at a non-profit and setup a new Windows Server 2019 Std server for them.  I'm trying to document the restore process from a system state backup and keep hitting brick walls.  A wbadmin system state backup runs nightly from a Scheduled Task and the resultant WindowsImageBackup is done to a Synology storage device on the network.  The Synology device is addressable on the network using its IP address or nodename ("backup") and contains a share named "full" where the backups are stored.  The DNS services are coming from a Comcast Business SMB Router.  When I boot my new server up from the installation media - Repair your computer - Troubleshoot - System Image Recovery - Windows Server -  on the "Select a system image backup" page, the "use the latest available system image(recommended)" option is grayed out.  That is how I would get to the Synology device's share on the network that contains the WindowsImageBackup folder created by my nightly backup.  Any idea why this might be grayed out?

    So I also tried another method to do the recovery from the Troubleshoot - Command Prompt.  When running the "wbadmin start systemstaterecovery -version:10/12/2019-01:00 -backuptarget:\\backup\full -machine:myservername" command, I get the error "START SYSTEMSTATERECOVERY command is not supported in Windows Recovery Environment.

    Not sure where to go from here.  Can anyone out there help?

    Wednesday, October 16, 2019 7:17 PM