I could have the WPA program world championship RRS feed

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  • I could have the program world championship right thing is there anyone on stage so they already know that yeah reported on over to Metro Delano on your car I run a number it did rain a little bits go ahead I can hear you can you hear meow yeah here a whole lot better okay so let me ask the question again speaking though the World Slimming Cleanse Championship which coming up August the then Toronto of several this is a two part question okay who are you most excited to see veer and is the anyone athlete that you to be on stage with to beat sport to compete against well that would be found within the see I I'm just looking to feel the fans I think we're going to sell that the event out occurred to be upset you know it's going to be thousand about left their home a fan I electricity review did not that they didn't if this show do not give up bodies and be a robot that's not very good at being in a show right but.


    Tuesday, July 8, 2014 7:16 AM