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  • Hi all, 

    I am planning a reorganization of our BU / Team layout, and are testing a few things. 

    The requirement we have is, that we have users in various geographic locations (a country or servicing a set of countries) and they should only be allowed to see records originating from accounts in their country/countries.

    Additionally we have a 3rd level support department and R&D department that cases are escalated to them. 

    Until now I've managed it with one BU and a team per location, where the accounts are owned by the team related to their country. But the problem have been that activities created by people outside the team where could not be seen, so org-wide read access had to be given to activities. After the latest UR some changes are happening where team members now can no longer see the same cases (I have yet to find the pattern in this). 

    Anyway as a consequence I am not working on a better organisation of our records and users, using a business unit for each geographic area.

    So far so good - but what is the best practice when it comes to owner of cases and activities?

    We are used to the owner of the activity being the person who did the work, and the owner of the case being the person / team who are responsible for solving the case.

    This means that once a case is escalated to our central Level 3 support or to our R&D department, the local country CSR's can no longer see the case.

    Do we need to abandon changing owner on the case in favor of the country team having permanent ownership of all the records (account-contact-case-activity)? And then use Queues to manage who are to work on a given case/activity? 

    If we go to team-owned records then as far as I can see right now we might as well continue in a single BU.

    My users have really been reluctant to adopt the use of queues (having just come from a Siebel system) - as a result some teams are working from Cases view, while others are heavily using the queues. Even within a single team there are differences (sigh!). 

    Hope I provided enough information - please give me some input that can help me in my decision. 


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    Monday, May 5, 2014 12:57 PM