Problem by running a schedule task on SynToy RRS feed

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    I have installed ToySync 2.0 in Win XP pro and made up a folderpair. Now i want to schedule de sync task by scheduled tasks, but everytime the script runs i got a message from synctoy: invalid option: the ability to execute folder pairs from the commandlin (-R option) is now available from SyncToyCmd.exe...

    What's wrong?

    the run-line in scheduled task options: "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Menu Start\Programma's\SyncToy 2.0.lnk" -R
    Thursday, October 15, 2009 12:17 PM


  • I've found this in the documentation of SyncToy. I think you have to look up the location of the SyncToyCmd.exe file and use that one with "-R"

    I've got the same problem btw, I want to synchronise automaticly, but the Task Scheduler offers me too little options.

    Run SyncToy from a Command Line

    SyncToy can be run from the command line to provide support for scheduling or automating folder pair execution. The command line executable by default is located at: [System Drive]\Program Files\SyncToy 2.0\SyncToyCmd.exe.

    The parameters provided by this command line interface are described below:

    • -R Run all folder pairs that are marked as Active For Run All.
    • -R [Name] Run the named folder pair (only one folder pair can be specified).

    Usage Examples:

    • SyncToyCmd -R MyFolderPair
    • SyncToyCmd -R

    It is also possible to manage folder pairs from the command line. Folder pairs are managed through SyncToy.exe whereas scheduling is performed through SyncToyCmd.exe as described above.

    SyncToy does not support running multiple copies of SyncToy.exe at the same time. If SyncToy is already running in in the Task Bar, and a second instance of SyncToy.exe is launched with or without any command line parameters, it will simply bring the already running instance into focus and no errors will be reported.

    The parameters associated with SyncToy.exe are described below:

    • -d(left=, right=, name=,operation=Synchronize|Echo|Contribute, [check=yes|no], excluded=,included=) Creates a new folder pair with the specified options:
      • left - mandatory, provide absolute path for left folder
      • right - mandatory, provide absolute path for right folder
      • name - mandatory, provide name of folder pair
      • operation - mandatory, specifiy action type for this folder pair
      • check - optional, specify whether file contents should be checked for file matching, default is no
      • excluded - optional, specifies exclude filter for files, defaults to none
      • included - optional, specifies include filter for files, defaults to all
    • -u Delete one or more folder pairs, no user data will be deleted
    • -? Display Help

    Sample Usage:

    • SyncToy -d(left=e:\,right=c:\Pictures, name=MyPictures,operation=contribute)
    • SyncToy -uMyPictures 
    Friday, October 16, 2009 11:27 PM