Windows LIve Mail Suggestion - Contacts Storage - Must be fixed. RRS feed

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  • Does anyone else see the glaring problem with windows live mail setup for windows 7? In previous versions of windows (either outlook express or windows mail) Microsoft decided on a location for your mail and contacts, but in windows live, there is no such central location. If you want to make a backup, you need to export the contacts list via a .csv or other export and actively save it. For those of us who have had computers for many years, it is obvious that this is a flawed concept. Backups need to be scheduled routinely and automatically if one is to be protected. To create a policy that every {blank} days,  I will go on my pc to make a manual backup is ridiculous. That is why we schedule automated backup procedures to run either nightly or weekly, or whatever, because we know that people don't set the time to do it. Hence, you need a central storage location to save the contacts, so that the automated program will create a backup of that file. Granted in outlook express it was buried down deep in a distant subfolder. Never the less if you looked for it and saved it, you are protected. I just had a pc crash running XP and was able to restore most of my old data as a result of backup. Now that I have windows 7 and windows live mail, I have found that you can’t automatically save your contacts. You are out of luck. This needs to corrected in future versions of the program.

    Tuesday, January 24, 2012 2:49 AM