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    No upgrade to OneCare could possibly be complete without a rant from me.    So, here we go....


    This morning was to be my first full-blown tune-up since the new version, scheduled to start at 2:00AM.  So, this morning I'm up at 6:30 (don't ask), and what to my wondering eyes do appear but a minature...wait, wrong rant...but tune-up, still tuning up.  I opened up the the tune-up window expecting to see it chewing on a virus scan (since that seems to be the usual suspect).  What do think it was hung up on?  Guess, just try, I dare you!


    It was hung up on "Remove Unecessary Files."    "A glitch!" thought I.  I canceled the tune-up, lit up my morning tobaco product, and started tune-up again manually, and watched.  Of course, the first task on the list, as you know, is "Remove Unecessary Files."  Off it goes, first one internal drive, then the other, then one USB drive, then finally the drive on which OneCare puts its back-up.  Just about done; and then, "BAM!"  Like it hit a brick wall.  Under the progress bar were the words, "Compress Old Files."


    Now, there's nothing on that drive except the OneCare back-up files which (in case you haven't looked) are all ZIP files.  I don't have anything else there.  That whole drive is just for the back-up.  So, in other words, OneCare is attempting to compress files which are already compressed!!!  No wonder the poor thing is confused!  It's like Robbie the Robot in "Forbidden Planet" (with Leslie Nielson and Walter Pidgeon, one of my favorite films): it's given a command which is impossible to complete, so it just sits there and shorts out.  My next step was to simply disable the "Remove Unecessary Files" function from Tune-up.  After that, of course, Tune-up completed in a reasonable amount of time.


    Now, you'll recall early last year, when we had this problem with Virus Scan, the solution was to offer file and folder exclusions for that particular task.  I don't know what the solution will be here.  I don't know if it's feasable to offer file, folder or drive exclusions for the "Remove Unecessary Files" feature, or to somehow separate the compression feature for it somehow so it removes the files but does not attempt to compress anything.  In any case, as long as Tune-up is going to insist on trying to compress the ZIP files on my back-up drive, I can only uncheck the "Remove Unecessary Files" box under the tune-up tab.


    I'm also interested to know if any of those folks who are experiencing long tune-ups and think it's the virus scan, might want to double check to see if VS is really the culprit here; or if anyone else but me has noticed this problem.  You don't necessarily have to be as verbose as me.  After all, I've unchecked "Remove Unecessary Words" feature from this post. 


    Yours Uncompressed,


    Sunday, December 16, 2007 5:45 PM


  • Thanks for the rant, Balt.

    Here's how I deal with this, but not because I knew it was a problem, just because that's the way I have OneCare set up on all of my PCs - I disable the cleanup portion of OneCare.

    Of course, that's not for everyone and what you observed sure doesn't sound good. It would seem that another suggestion I read earlier today would resolve this - provide a global exclusion for all Tune-up processes.



    Monday, December 17, 2007 7:43 PM