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  • I am from Romania.
    So the country where everybody shouts out loud we steal software and every time microsoft comes up with a new windows version commercials start on media saying like this : You use illigal software, you go to jail.
    Wonderful strategy !
    So I got a new Mac Pro and bought also a Windows XP Proffesional and a Windows XP 64 to run them on sepparate hdd.
    Activation ran like butter... very nice.

    Today I upgradet my system with 2 additional GB of RAM and the video adapter from NVidia 7300 to ATI X1900

    Suddenly I get a message from bot versions of windows that my hardware changed so much that bot of my windows versions are not valid anymore...

    I am a sofware developer ... working as a subcontractor for a Nextlimit www.nextlimit.com
    So everything I use is legal... and I may understand some certain things with software development... so what is this now?

    Calling those "mac donalds" type of customers service down here at Microsoft Romania is a joke. They do not know to tell you if XP 64 was on the local market 6 month ago treating you like an idiot if you aask for any detail....
    Thursday, November 23, 2006 10:35 PM