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  • I used to be able to hold a key down and I would get multiple impressions of that key. Now however, something has happened and I do not get that. If I want to do a long backspace I have to press the backspace key multiple times ( of block and delete) or if I want say  lots of dots ...... I have to press the key multiple times I cannot just hold the key down. What do I have to do to get his feature back? 
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  • Is this a windows machine use question?

    You've posted in the Microsoft developer network, windows forms forum.

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    It is not intended for end users nor questions which are not about development using windows forms.


    From your description, it sounds like somehow you've managed to turn on the setting which ignores autorepeat on keys.

    If you go

    Control Panel>All Control Panel Items>Ease of Access Centre>Make the keyboard easier to use

    You can search for "accessibility" in control panel and click the link.

    Look for the option which has something like "Turn on filter keys".  It may vary if you're not using win10.

    Under that is a link "Set up filter keys". Again, this may vary if you're not using win 10.

    Click that. ( Yes, it doesn't sound like it'd be about auto repeat. )

    If you look on the settings you get then there's 

    "Turn on Repeat keys and slow keys".

    Click that if there's no spot in the radio button to the left.

    Under that there's a setting controls how long you have to hold.

    Click on that and under the "how long....." choose 1.0 seconds.

    Note that even if you already have that radio button chosen, if you have something weird like 20 seconds chosen here then you'd probably get bored and give up well before autokeys repeated your character.

    Hope that helps.

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  • Handle the KeyDown event.  It will fire multiple times if the key is a repeatable key such as the backspace.  It works for me just fine.

    If this isn't working, maybe confirm that key repeat is working in Notepad or the Keyboard control panel (tap windows key and type "keyboard") and maybe you just need to adjust your repeat delay or something.  Maybe you have a hardware problem?  Unplug-replug your USB keyboard and reboot the machine.

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