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  • Trying to understand the expected behavior of CRM Reports w/ Report Server.

    We have CRM 2011, UR 18.  We are an ISV developing a Managed Solution to sell to our customers.  The Managed Solution contains several reports (RDLs).  Want to understand how Updating works.

    1) Import our Solution (Unmanaged) into a development Organization.  Solution contains Reports (RDLs).

    2) Surf to the Report Server associated with this CRM installation.

    3) Click on the Report name in the list, select 'Edit in Report Builder' from the drop down.

    4) Edit the report.  Save it.

    5) View the report in CRM.  Viola - we see our changes.

    Later ---

    6) Re-import another (later) version of the (unmanaged) Solution into CRM.  This copy of the Solution ZIP does *not* contain the RDL edits we made via Report Builder on our Report Server.

    7) Surf into CRM, Reports.  View the report we previously edited.

    Our edits remain in the report that we do see -- not what we expected.  We had thought that the re-import of the Solution ZIP would overwrite our edits to the RDL.  The behavior is as if the Report Server edits triumphed over the Solution contents.  Is this because we edited in Report Server directly (via Report Builder)? 

    Thanks in advance.

    Regards, Howard Hoffman

    Thursday, August 13, 2015 2:07 PM