Are there enough appz installed and oked by microsoft to be able to use windows 10 RRS feed

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  • I can't stand appz and their ridiculous conditions I do not trust any of them with my information.  By using various spyware applications already running on you computer it doesn't take too long to identify you using them. That's one of the methods used to find the Pedophiles (only good use for it) Christ some of these things want access to your web cam when ever it wants it and you had to ok it IF you need to use the software, you have no choice agree to all their conditions or have a useless operating system.  So they can do whatever they want to with your picture and there's tons of appz just like it that want access or information they DO NOT NEED to do the job the appz is supposed to be doing. I'm meant to blindly trust them with my information when it clearly says in appz permissions that they can use your info any way they want to. I'm also supposed to be paying for security as part of the cost of windows but if you can't trust the only programs you have available to do the job it makes your software useless if it can't be trusted. I don't want someone to have a record of the sites I've visited, what I've read, what I've searched for. I don't want targeted ads following me wherever I go. I might not want some one else using my PC or glancing over my shoulder knowing what I've searched for in the ads that follow me.  I'm really not sure what to do, I've always ran a windows pc but now I may have to go with Linix I don't want to pay $260 for win10 pro just to find I can't trust it enough to use it.
    Sunday, May 26, 2019 6:54 AM

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  • This isn't a development question, but I will raise one point.

    On Windows 7, Windows desktop applications can access your pictures, webcams and upload information about you without even asking for your permission. If you don't trust Windows Store apps, then why do you trust Windows desktop applications? They have more power and don't need your permission to do anything bad.

    Do you remember all of that stuff with wannacry from a couple of years ago? That is only possible in a Windows desktop application. Heck, when it boils down to it, all of the damaging malware is only possible with Windows desktop applications.

    There has also been a long history of applications "phoning home" and sending personal information that it gathered from you back to the developer. This has been going on for as long as the internet has been available.

    So basically, if you can't trust Windows Store applications enough, then that means that you can't trust any application since they have more power which is open to abuse that don't require permission from you. This also includes Linux applications too. So this means that you can never trust ANY application on any platform and so your best course of action is to just not use any computers.

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    Sunday, May 26, 2019 11:56 AM
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    Monday, May 27, 2019 9:42 AM