Anyone ever take a Developmentor course? RRS feed

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  • Developmentor used to be THE premier training people for doing any sort of Windows programming. They were bought out in ~2015 by "Global Knowledge" and it appears that they sadly nuked all the old Developmentor courses. I contacted GK but they have been less than helpful in trying to get access to the Developmentor courses. They don't want to take my money apparently.

    1. Has there been anything since then that compares to what Developmentor was back in the day?

    2. I took a Developmentor COM class with none other than Don Box in the early 2000s. My wife threw out the training materials a few years ago and I have been looking for the class material since then on sites like eBay. If anyone has the material I would pay good money for it, even if it is to temporarily borrow.

    Sunday, September 27, 2020 7:06 PM