Appointment Form Bug? (Reproducable)


  • Has anyone experienced the Appointment form appearing to not save data after pressing the save button? It pccurs on an update: the screen will referesh to the original data that was first loaded. I am able to recreate this, but I wanted to see if this is a known issue before involving microsoft. Here are my steps to reproduce:

    • Appointment: add new. Save and Close.

    • Open the appointment. Edit a date field like start time.

    • Do not tab-out or otherwise move the cursor after selecting the time.

    • Save the record. Notice it saves but refereshes the screen with data from the original save, and does not capture the edit to the start time.

     If you force a refresh of the page now, (F5) it then loads the edit successfully. (If you refresh quickly enough, it will still reload the original data...)

    This is an on-premise completely "vanilla" install on rollup 6.

    Thoughts? (Also, as an aside, is there a CRM bug list I can contribute this to?)

    Monday, April 09, 2012 5:11 PM


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