Can I increase speaker volume on my Lumia 640? RRS feed

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  • Hello :)

    I am new with WP and I got problem with speaker volume. And ALARM VOLUME.

    If I put phone in my pocket when walking around the city I cannot hear ringing. When I put it on some flat surface I cannot hear notification sound and JUST SOMETIMES i CAN hear ringing sound :( but I faced much bigger problem with ALARM SOUND. It's too too low and my wife have to wake me up and say: hey...your alarm ringing: But phone is just about 30-40 CENTIMETERS near my head with speaker UP! I cannot hear even just a little sound :( alarm sound is 50% lower than ringtone and notification sound.

    And tried to find way to increase speaker volume on my Lumia 640. It's too low for me (got hearing problems). So..I found some registry hacks (interop unlock) but I do not know if works...

    EnableVolumeLimit 1
    VolumeLimit 19

    If somebody knows if I can Increase volume with this hack?

    I bought Lumia 640 Dual SIM 10 days ago and faced volume problem :( I like WP OS a lot but I have to sell this new phone just because of speaker volume.

    I carried a cell phone to a service center and they told me that everything is fine with speaker volume and every Lumia 640 got speaker like that.

    So..please can somebody help me with that? Or I really have to sell my new phone :(

    Friday, July 17, 2015 8:02 PM